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This product is designed to fully automate the Trucking-Broker industry or Private-Fleet carrier company that owns their own trucks. Small-to-medium-to-large scale trucking brokers, trucking companies and intermodal freight companies needing to automate their internal accounting and freight billing systems.

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All-in-one transportation management software that has all the features needed by freight brokerage, carrier, moving and storage, and freight forwarding companies. It helps small to midsize trucking companies and freight brokerages organize their business to improve profitability.

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Software is designed for owner operators and fleet builders to increase revenue, create invoices faster, and get on top of your transportation equipment repairs. We will let you manage both dispatches and expenses in one unified solution. It will ensure your invoices are always followed up on and your customers are paying you what is owed. The software will track your drivers and any maintenance needed on the trucks in your fleet.

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Invoice Tracking

Invoice tracking is key to sending out payment reminders, adding late fees, and—most importantly—getting paid.

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Drivers Tracking

Just assuming that they’re on schedule isn’t going to cut it if you want to keep your business running efficiently.

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Deliveries Tracking

Our Delivery Tracking program provides real-time delivery notifications and order tracking for our customers.

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Business reports are valuable and essential tools for any enterprise regardless of size or industry.

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Maintenance Tracking

With maintenance tracking, you know both what you have and how to keep it running smoothly.

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